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Written and Illustrated by Zona

The books of the CORN CAVE SERIES are fiction and suitable for any age reader. 

The books are 5 1/4 by 7 1/4 inches, and are perfect bound. 

There is an original sketch at the beginning of each chapter.

The story takes place in the early 1700's, and begins in what is now Kentucky.



* Shadow of the Hawk *
Adventure fiction set in what is now NE New Mexico 




                                                 THE TRAVELERS 

Gray Wolf is having disturbing, prophetic dreams involving people he doesn't know. 

Wolf and Otter need to get back home. Friends offer to help them back across the 

big river, but another journey  must be made first, and they end up in the camp of

white traders. Will Wolf's spirit guide work for him in this unknown territory? 

From Writer's Digest  This well-written and presented book interestingly and gently 

led me into the story until I didnt want to put it down.  I love the author's choice 

of names:  Wolf, Otter, Laughing Fox, Dove, Tall Grass.  Zona Crabtree has certainly

done her research and is to be commended for putting it all together in such a

stylish little  book. 


Second book of the series. 155 pages. $8

                                                    WHITE DOVE 

White Dove promised to wait for Gray Wolf, but Tall Grass is intent on winning her. As Dove studies with Old Mother, the village healer, she feels Wolf's spirit guide watching over her. While Dove takes over the healing of the village, Tall Grass does everything he can to change Dove's mind about him, including putting himself and the people in danger.

From Writer's DigestThis is a delightful story by Zona Crabtree, well-written and interestingly illustrated.  The author is to be commended for putting together such interesting facts that will no doubt entertain many a young person.  In this way, they may learn social history without it being boring.  There are good descriptions of native ways.  I particularly liked White Dove.  She sounds like a lovely person who will grow into a wise woman-- no doubt following the steps of Old Mother.

Third book of the series. 216 pages $8

                                                   THE RETURN 

Gray Wolf promised to return for White Dove, but must help his people move their village. Finally starting back, he has only his horse and a young wolf to help him overcome the obstacles he encounters. Reaching Dove's village he has an even bigger problem. Will they ever be able to start their life together?

From Writer's DigestThis is another gentle read with lots of information.  I particularly liked the way the author brought this book to a satisfactory conclusion.

Fourth book of the series. 184 pages. $8


This series started out to be just one book.  It was inspired by a cave near Horse Branch, Kentucky.  Although I grew up in Texas, my parents were from Kentucky.  We went back to visit relatives in the summers as often as possible.  When I was six years old a cousin took me to a cave on my aunt and uncle's farm.  To a six year old everything is big, but one could see the back of the cave.  The cave was all rock, and one of the most interesting things about it was the ground out, bowl shaped area in the floor near the front.  Evidently, the Indians had used it for grinding their grain for many seasons.  In the 60's, Western Kentucky Parkway went through the middle of my uncle's farm.  I thought the cave had been completely destroyed.  Several years ago my husband and I visited back there and found out the cave was still there, although some rocks had fallen.  We hiked down, but could not find the grinding area.  Still, the seed was planted.  I came home and started a book based around the cave.  The story took wings of its own and became a series:  The Corn Cave Series.

Zona Crabtree


                                OWL HOLLOW BOOKS

Comment by Frankie Boyer about an uncoming interview on her

Lifestyle Talk Show

I will also interview with Zona Crabtree author of The Gray Wolf .The author uses a cave as a base from which she delves into an adventure story of Native Americans, white trappers, and kindred animal spirits. Gray Wolf carries the mystique of double meaning including the main character and his spirit guide. People of all ages won’t be able to put the books down as their imagination ignites with visions of the early frontier days.