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ATTENTION, READERS.     Shadow of the Hawk is not part of the Corn Cave series.  Shadow brings a whole new cast of characters, as well as a new setting.  The story is set in what is now eastern New Mexico around 1800.  The cover picture was taken from the top of Mt. Capulin, an extinct volcano.

Antelope and his family are traveling to the winter camp grounds with the rest of the village when events take a turn for the worst.  Seperated from their people, the family suffers one misfortune after another.  Just before they reach the winter camp one of the family disappears.  Travel with this young family as they struggle against the elements of the plains country.  Walk in the moccasins of a young boy as he faces life without his family to support him.  Has he learned enough in his short life to face the wilderness alone?

Illustrated, perfect bound, 199 pages.

Cost per book - $10.00.   Shipping/handling:  $5 - first book, $1 each additional book.

To order this adventure book contact Zona at zonamae@windstream.net.


From the begining of WHITE DOVE:
     The scream cut through the darkness like a knife.  The sound sliced through the night and then trailed off into total silence.  The forest around the village seemed to be holding its breath waiting for the next scream.  No night birds called, and even the camp dogs were quiet.  White Dove sat up and pulled her robe close around her.  She had heard it before, but it always sent chills up her spine.  It sounded like a woman screaming in terrible pain.  Dove put her hands over her ears, but the cry did not come again.   All she could hear was the murmur of other voices from other lodges as the camp started to breathe again.  The big cat had been prowling the area for half a moon.  A few camp dogs had disappeared, but no one had seen the puma.  Dove fervently hoped she did not see it.  Several of the men had tracked the cat hoping to kill it for the pelt and to stop the nightly screams,  but they had not even had a glimpse of it.  Many of the small children were frightened by the cries, and clung to their mothers when they went outside.  Dove's father and some of the older men assured the village that the cat only hunted small game and occasionally deer.  They said the cat would not attack a grown person.  However, small children might fall prey if they strayed from the village.  Dove shivered once again, and then lay back down. 
     "Dove, are you all right?"  Berry Woman asked.
     "Yes, Mother.  I know we are safe here, but it is such a mournful sound.  It has the sound of a death wail or the mourning of a mother who has lost a child.  At times it sounds almost human."
     "Even the animals have spirits, Dove.  Perhaps it has lost something, or is just searching for something."