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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thoughts of Spring
Winter went by in a blur.  It keeps coughing out one more cold spell, but I think it is about done.  The grass is greening and the buds on the trees are ready to pop.  We have had rain this year, and hopefully the drougth of the last three years is finished.  I met several more authors over the cold season.  It is always exciting to meet others in one's field of interest.  I am behind in reading the books I collected. 
There is a lot of concern that ebooks will kill the use of regular books.  The ebooks and all the devises they can be downloaded on are the rage.  I still like to hold a "real" book in my hand.  There are no batteries to die, and if you drop it, it doesn't break.  The more I talk to people, the more I find ones that still like printed books.  My daughter thought she wanted a Kindle until she tried her daughter's.  Now she says she will stay with reading the printed books.

Here is a review I did on a local author's book this winter.

Old Acquaintances, by Ursula Gorman

Ursula Gorman has created an intriguing mystery in Old Acquaintances.  It is easy to picture the main character, Rissa Neil, from the first paragraph.  This image expands as other characters are added to the plot.  Rissa and her friend Matt have developed an unusual relationship which complicates the investigation of the mysterious events surrounding Rissa.  When Detective Stone tries to piece the many connections and leads together he finds it hard to concentrate on the case.  His attraction to the young victim makes it hard to remain objective while trying to keep her safe.

The characters in the story are believable, and easy to follow as the suspense builds.  The author weaves two unusual twists into the mystery that keeps the reader guessing.  Ms. Gorman has combined strong characters, mystery, and romance into a page-turning read.

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