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Monday, May 24, 2010


Sept. 7, 2010  Smile

This has been a frustrating week.  I had to change internet providers.  Change is not always easy at my age.  Hopefully everything will be working soon.
Here is the first of the columns I did for the Tri-County Sentinel.

Hoots  from the Hollow      Art. # 1,       2/1/10 
    Welcome to Owl Hollow.  For those who don’t know where the Hollow is it is about two hoots upstream from Verona Beach.  If you haven’t heard of Verona Beach you haven’t been in the area long.  Sliding into both a new year and a new decade the Ozarks has also acquired a unique source of news by and for the people.  Welcome Tri-County Sentinel!  

    When I was growing up my mother had a wringer washing machine that had always sat on the back porch.  Over the Christmas holidays one year Daddy decided to build Mother a wash house.  There was a small roof left from the old porch they had removed, and Daddy intended to use it for half of the wash house roof.  Next to where the wash house was being built was a metal water tower.  After the frame work was done on the wash house, Daddy rigged ropes and pulleys on the tower to get the piece of roof where he wanted it.  As always, Mother was helping him.  She stood on the ground taking up the slack from the rope as Daddy pulled the roof to the top of the frame.  While they were swinging the piece up, something slipped and a board hit Mother fully in the face.  The next day one whole side of her face was black and blue.  One eye was completely blackened, and she looked as if she had been beaten.  When anyone asked her what had happened she, with a straight face told them, “Richard was raising the roof on New Year’s Eve, and hit me in the head with a two-by-four.”  The statement was entirely true, but the picture formed in the hearer’s mind was far different than what really happened.

    Words represent the greatest bridge between our minds and the perceptions of others.  Even when we listen we may not translate the meaning correctly.  What each person hears is filtered through that person’s life experience.  An exchange student from Sweden was living with us one year.  She spoke and understood English well, but was not acquainted with local colloquialisms.  After asking my permission to go somewhere or do something at different times, she confronted me about my answers.  If my own children asked for permission and received the answer, “I don’t care,” they knew it was alright with me.  The exchange student took the statement to mean that I was not interested in her and did not care what she did.  I had hurt her feelings without even knowing it.

    Children often hear something we did not mean.  Our tone and body language may speak louder than our words.  Words need to be sifted carefully before flavoring our life.  Just as salt from an unscrewed lid falling into the stew, words cannot be unsaid.
May our words in this new year be flavored with just the right savor.

Zona Mae Crabtree    


                       This is a request for patience from my readers and friends while I learn how to do this.  I have promised some people stories and updates, and will add things as I can.  Right now family, especially grandchildren, consume much time and energy.

June 13, 2010

It is hot in Southwest Missouri. Joe has the hay baled, so maybe it will rain.  Farmer's Market was good yesterday.  I sold several books and all the bread I had with me.  There are two customers that are coming for a book each week.  They are halfway through the series.
9:57 am cdt 

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